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Research, Instruction, and Electronic Access Librarian
College of Saint Mary (NE) (Posted 07/22/16)
Coordinator of Library Instructional Services
Wichita State University Libraries (KS) (Posted 07/21/16, Closes 08/17/16)
Business Manager
Converse County Library System-Douglas Library (WY) (Posted 07/21/16, Closes 07/29/16)
Business Outreach Coordinator
Pioneer Library System (OK) (Posted 07/21/16, Closes 08/05/16)
Records and Data Management Analyst
Wyoming State Archives (WY) (Posted 07/21/16)
Natural Sciences Librarian
Weber State University Stewart Library (UT) (Posted 07/18/16, Closes 08/12/16)
Library Services Specialist
Sanford Bismarck (ND) (Posted 07/18/16)
Library Associate
Norman Public Library (OK) (Posted 07/18/16, Closes 07/24/16)
Executive Director
Walla Walla County Rural Library District (WA) (Posted 07/15/16, Closes 10/14/16)
Library Director
Ridgefield Library (CT) (Posted 07/13/16, Closes 08/28/16)
Accounting Clerk - Library
Poudre River Public Library District (CO) (Posted 07/13/16)
Reference Librarian
San Juan College (NM)(Posted 07/13/16)
Associate University Librarian for Library Information Technology
Brigham Young University, Harold B Lee Library (UT) (Posted 07/07/16, Closes 09/01/16)
Manager II - Central Library Assistant Manager - Research Services
Tulsa City-County Library (OK) (Posted 07/07/16)
Library Director
City of Hazen (ND) (Posted 07/07/16)
Library Systems Analyst
Montana State Library (MT) (Posted 07/07/16)
Deputy Community Services Director – Library
City of Tempe (AZ) (Posted 07/05/16, Closes 07/11/16)
Youth Services Librarian
Douglas County Public Library (NV) (Posted 07/01/16, Closes 07/25/16)
Library Branch Supervisor
Douglas County Public Library (NV) (Posted 07/01/16, Closes 07/25/16)
Coolidge Public Library (AZ) (Posted 07/01/16)
Electronic Resources Acquisitions and Licensing Librarian
Brigham Young University (UT) (posted 07/01/16, Closes 09/01/16)
Library Director
City of Vermillion (SD) (Posted 06/29/16, Closes 08/01/16)
Health Sciences Librarian
University of Kansas Medical Center Library (KS) (Posted 06/29/16)
Campus Librarian
National American University (CO) (Posted 06/24/16)
Library Director
St. Charles Public Library (IL) (Posted 06/24/16, Closes 0807/16)
Research and Education Librarians
UND Library of the Health Sciences (ND) (Posted 06/24/16)
Marketing/Outreach Coordinator
Garfield County Libraries (CO) (Posted 06/24/16)
E-Resources and Digital Collections Librarian
Pueblo City-County Library District (CO) (Posted 06/24/16)
Assistant Librarian
Central Wyoming College (WY) (Posted 06/24/16)
Library Director
Carmel Clay Public Library (IN) (Posted 06/17/16, Closes 07/24/16)
Library Director
Gilpin County Public Library District (CO) (Posted 06/15/16)
University Librarian
Colorado School of Mines (CO) (Posted 06/15/16, Closes 07/31/16)
Library Director
Atchison Public Library (KS) (Posted 05/27/16)

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