Leslie Langley
Candidate For (position) Vice-President/President Elect
Name Leslie H. Langley
Current Position Branch Manager, Wister Public Library. Northern Regional Coordinator, Southeastern Public Library System of Oklahoma
Previous Position(s) Oklahoma MPLA Representative
Education (degrees earned and from where) University of Southern Mississippi, B. S. Special Education
Professional activities, especially those in MPLA or relevant to this position Past Oklahoma State Representative to MPLA
Past President of the Oklahoma Library Association
Current Leadership Committee Chair of OLA
Oklahoma Department of Libraries Certification Board Member

MPLA member since (year) 2008
What ability, talent, interest, or strength would you bring to this position? I believe I have strong leadership skills and I enjoy working with and learning from librarians of all kinds. Having held many positions in my state organization and working closely with public, school, special and academic librarians, I feel that I have a good understanding what libraries as a whole are facing and what each respective community expects from their libraries. I have worked in a rural setting for 27 years and I know that distance collaboration and information sharing is key to growing not only libraries and service but also in building and strengthening library connections across the Mountain Plains states.
What would you like to accomplish during your term of office? As close as the ties between the MPLA states are now I believe that they can be further strengthened and an increasing sense of community between the many kinds of libraries and members in 12 states can be achieved. Continuing to promote and cultivate membership throughout the MPLA region continues to be, now more than ever, necessary for the vitality of the organization just as the continuing educational and professional collaborative benefits of MPLA is to members.