Professional Development Grants Program

State Association Pre/Post Conference Grants

Tom Taylor, Chair
Andover Public Library
1511 E. Central Avenue
Andover, KS 67002
Phone: 316.558.3500

MPLA Professional Development Grants Committee

Application Due dates: February 1 (for spring confererences), June 1 (for fall conferences)

Grant Application Forms


MPLA sponsors grants for pre or post conferences at the annual meetings of state associations in the region to encourage opportunities for continuing education for the MPLA membership. This grant program is administered by the Professional Development Grants Committee.

Grant Value

Grants up to $500 will be awarded to an individual state association


  • Applications will be accepted in the name of a state library association information services association, or a unit thereof, which is affiliated with MPLA.
  • Contact person submitting application must be authorized by the Board of Directors or governing committee of the state association in whose name the application is placed.
  • As part of the application, the applicant must submit a narrative statement describing the proposed pre/post conference program and an itemized budget of expected expenses.
  • The Mountain Plains Library Association must be identified as an assisting agency in pre/post conference publicity and during the pre/post conference.
  • MPLA members attending the pre/post conference must receive at least a 15% reduction in registration fees.
  • The application should be sent in electronic format and should be accompanied, whenever possible, by materials, such as publicity releases or a sample of mass mailings, which describe the program.
  • State associations are eligible to receive pre/post conference grants for a maximum of two consecutive years. After a subsequent year of ineligibility, the state association may again apply for a pre/post conference grant.


The value of a grant application will be judged by the members of the MPLA Professional Development Committee on potential educational value for the intended audience; degree of current need for training, study or evaluation in the subject area of the proposed pre/post conference; professional level of planning for implementation of the proposed pre/post conference; and potential benefit for the members of MPLA.

Application Procedure and Review Process

  1. Applicant submits the completed application form and any supporting materials in electronic format to the MPLA Executive Secretary, via email to at any time during the year. However, applications must be submitted by June 1 from those states, which have fall conferences, and by February 1 from those states, which have spring conferences.
  2. Applicant will be notified by the MPLA Executive Secretary that the grant application was received.
  3. The application is evaluated by the committee and approved, rejected or referred back to the applicant with a request for further information. The committee chair communicates the committee’s decision in writing to the applicant, with a copy to the MPLA Executive Secretary.
  4. The applicant submits an evaluative report electronically to the MPLA Executive Secretary no later than 2 months following the completion of the pre/post conference. The MPLA Executive Secretary forwards copies of the evaluative report to the committee.
  5. The committee reviews the evaluative report and accepts it, rejects it, or refers it back to the applicant with a request for further information. The committee chair communicates the committee’s decision in writing to the applicant, with a copy to the MPLA Executive Secretary.
  6. If the evaluative report is approved, the MPLA Executive Secretary issues a check in the amount of the awarded grant. If the evaluative report is rejected, no funding will be awarded to the applicant.
  7. The chair forwards a copy of the approved evaluative report to the MPLA Newsletter Editor for possible publication.