MPLA: An Overview

The Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA) is a twelve state association of librarians, library paraprofessionals and friends of libraries in Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. Its purpose is to promote the development of librarians and libraries by providing significant educational and networking opportunities. The Association meets annually in joint conferences with member states on a rotational basis, and is governed by an elected board of representatives from each member state and a number of sections and roundtables representing interests and types of libraries. In addition to its board and its officers, MPLA activities are carried out by a number of committees and an executive secretary.

MPLA Activities Include:

  • MPLA Grant Opportunities for course work, institutes, and workshops.
  • Continuing education opportunities including conferences workshops, and seminars.
  • Awards that recognize outstanding contributions to state, local and regional library services
  • Forums for personal contact and networking with others in the profession
  • Newsletter with regional information
  • Web page with current job postings (MPLA Jobline) and links to many other sources of employment in libraries

Facts about MPLA

  • Founded: 1948
  • Members by State (as of 2012)
    • Arizona: 51
    • Colorado: 54
    • Kansas: 64
    • Montana: 22
    • Nebraska: 63
    • Nevada: 32
    • New Mexico: 19
    • North Dakota: 58
    • Oklahoma: 50
    • South Dakota: 90
    • Utah: 52
    • Wyoming: 59
    • Others: 8
  • Schedule of upcoming annual conference and locations

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